Episode 05 The Camper Van

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Текст серии:

I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
this is  Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.


Peppa and George are very  excited today.They are going on holiday.
oh where is daddy?
He is bringing a secret surprise.
What’s that?
It’s a camper van.
We’ve borrowed it for a holiday.
This camper van has everything.
This button works the sink.
And this button works the TV.
What does this button do?
I am not sure. Maybe don’t press it until we know.
Is everybody ready to go on holiday?
Yes mummy pig.
Then let’s go!
We are going on holiday in a camper van.
En, this map is a bit tricky.
Daddy, we don’t want to get lost.
Don’t worry, Peppa. I’m an expert in map reading. Oh, that’s strange.
Are we lost?
Err yes.
It’s Granddad dog with Danny dog.
Hello Peppa.
Hello Danny. We’re lost.
Lost? Is your sat navi broken?
sat navi?
You are driving a camper van T32 hundred,
set navi comes a standard.
Welcome to the car of the future.Ah,
so that’s what that button does.
Where are we going today?
The camper van is talking.
clever isn’t it. The computer’s voice helps you find your way.
But how does  it know where we want to go?
You tell it.
Hello Mrs camper van.
We’re going on a holiday. Can you tell us the way?
Proceed on the current  road in a straight line.
Thanks for your help, Granddad dog.
You are welcome. Have a lovely holiday!
We’re going on a holiday in a camper van.
Danger, danger, oil is low.
What’s oil?
Oil helps engines to run smoothly.
Will the oil run out?
No, these warnings always give you plenty of time.
Oil is gone.
Oh dear.
Luckily I’ve got a spare can of oil.
Well done, Daddy pig.
We simply pour
the oil into the engine and oh …
What’s wrong?
There’s nothing in here. The engine’s gone.
Hello Suzy!
Hello Peppa!
We’ve lost our engine.
Lost your engine?
Yes, it’s completely disappeared.
I’d like to help, but I don’t know a thing about engines.
I’m probably  just being silly, but this looks a bit like an engine?
Ah, yes, well-spotted Mummy sheep.
The camper van has its engine at the back.
There, that should be enough oil. Thank you Mummy sheep!
You are welcome. Have a lovely holiday!
Are we near there yet?
Just up the next hill. You have reached your destination.
Time for bed.
Where will we sleep?
Mummy pig and I will sleep on this bed. And you two will sleep upstairs.
But there isn’t an upstairs.
watch this.
The camper van’s roof is lifting up.
The camper van is just like our little house.
While we are on holiday, it is our little house.
Goodnight my little piggies.