Episode 12 Snow

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Peppa and George are very excited today.
It is snowing outside!
Mummy! Can we go and play in the snow?
Yes, but it's very cold outside, so you must wrap up warm.
And don't forget to wear your hats, and scarves and gloves.
It is very cold outside.
Peppa and George must wear their hats...and scarves... and gloves.
Come on, George!
Peppa and George are making footprints in the snow.
Peppa and George Iove making footprints in the snow!
Oh, dear It's not funny!
George, let's play snowballs!
Peppa has made a snowball.
Peppa and George are having a lot of fun.
George, come back, you Iittle piggy!
Oh, dear. Maybe this game is getting a Iittle too rough.
Sorry, George.
George! Let's build a snowman!
Peppa and George are making a snowman.
First, they make the body.
George, this is the snowman's body.
Now, they make the snowman's head.
Now, he needs arms and eyes and a mouth!
George has found some sticks for the snowman's arms.
Peppa has found some stones for the snoWman's eyes and mouth.
This is his face. Now the snowman needs a nose.
Peppa has got a carrot, to make the snowman's nose.
The snowman looks very happy.
But maybe he is bit cold.
The snowman needs some clothes to keep him warm.
George has found some clothes to keep the snowman nice and warm!
The snowman is wearing his hat... and scarf... and gloves.
Mummy! Daddy! Come and look!
Mummy Pig is wearing her hat and scarf and gloves.
That is the best snowman I have ever seen!
Daddy Pig looks quite coId.
He isn't wearing his hat and scarf and gloves.
Daddy, Why aren't you wearing your hat and scarf and gloves?
I don't know where they are!
I can't find them anywhere.
I think I know where
Daddy's hat, scarf and gIoves are...
Daddy Pig's hat and scarf and gIoves
are on the snowman!