Episode 17 Mr Potato Comes to Town

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I am Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.


Peppa and her family are watching Mr. Potato on television.
I love watching programs about keeping fit.
Now, here are some lovely drawings .
I’ve been sent.
This is an apple.
Remember, eating fruit and vegetables helps you stay fit.
I’m good at eating fruit and vegetables. And exercise is important.
Today you can see me open a new sports centre in town.
Mummy, can we go and see Mr. Potato?
It’s a long way to go to see a potato, Peppa.
It’s not any old potato. This is Mr. Potato.
Can we go and see him,
mummy? Please!
All right.
Everyone has come to see Mr. Potato open a new sports centre.
Look, it’s Mr. Potato!
Mr. Potato! Oh, it’s just Peppa.Oh…
Hello everyone!
Hello Peppa.
Suzy thought you were Mr. Potato.
I don’t look like Mr. Potato.
No, you’re much too big.
No, he is not. He is a potato. And potatoes are this big.
Here is Mr. Potato!
Mr. Potato has come to town.
Please welcome your friend and mine, Mr. Potato!
Wow, that’s a big potato.
I declare this sports centre open!
We must all exercise and eat fruit and vegetables.
Which one should we eat, Mr. Potato?
Apples, oranges, carrots, tomatoes…
Why aren’t you small, like a normal potato?Umm…
Because he is not a normal potato. He’s got legs.
Normal potatoes don’t have legs. He’s a super potato!
We watch your show every morning.
Very good!
And remember to send me your drawings.We will!
Peppa and her friends are at play groups.
Children, today we will do drawings for Mr. Potato.
I’m drawing a pineapple.
I’m drawing a carrot.
Very good. What are you drawing,  Emily? A pea!
Lovely! And Pedro?
It’s a super potato.
Oh I see. And George has drawn a wonderful tomato.
Peppa, what vegetable have you drawn?
My daddy, watching television.
Oh, excellent.
Now, we put the drawings in an envelope and post them to Mr. Potato.
It is morning and time for the Mr. Potato show.
Please welcome your friend and mine, Mr. Potato!
We posted some drawings to Mr. Potato in an envelope.
Did you get the envelope?
He can’t hear you, daddy. He is on television.
Oh, yes. Of course.
I’ve received an envelope full of drawings.
This tomato looks very juicy.
Well done, Geroge.
But this picture from Peppa pig is my favorite.
Wow, that’s my picture!
It shows daddy pig watching TV.
Hmm, looks like daddy pig needs some exercise. What?
Come on, daddy pig.
Let’s do some jumping up and down!
Oh, all right. Up, down, up, down…
Daddy pig likes jumping up and down.
Everyone likes jumping up and down.
Up and down, up and down, all together now. Mr. Potato is rolling around.
Your friends are mine.
He’s happy all the time.
Mr. Potato is coming to town.