Episode 19 Granny Pig's Chickens

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I am Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.


Peppa and George are having a sleepover at Granny and Grandpa's house.
Granny Pig!
Hello...my little ones!
Bye bye, see you later.
Bye bye mommy.
Come and see where you are going to sleep tonight.
This was mommy Pig's room when she was a little piggy.
In the old times.
And this is the bed mommy slept on.
Oh, bouncy bed.
You are just like your mommy when she was little.
Did mommy bounce on the bed?
Of course!
But mommy tells us not to bounce on the beds.
When mommy was a little piggy, she was cheeky just like you.
Was she?
Yes! Now, let's go and see Grandpa Pig in the garden.
Grandpa Pig!
Hello Peppa, Hello George. Come and see my carrots.
Grandpa Pig is very proud of his vegetables.
Wow, and here are my peas.
But best of all are my lettuces. Oh, no! My lettuces!
I think the birds have eaten them, grandpa.
Yes, birds.
Why did you miss the scarecrows scare them away?
Because the birds that ate my lettuces are very stupid!
What's the matter, Grandpa Pig?
Your friends have been eating my vegetables again!
Which friends?
Tom! Dick! And Henry!
Those are bad names.
Grand Pig has chickens.
Say hello to Jemima, Sarah and Vanessa.
And here is Naval.
Is Naval a boy chicken?
Yes, Peppa. He is a cockerel...
He is the worst, scratching up my vegetables!
Naval wouldn't have to fly!
I've seen him each flies! And he ate my lettuces!
You don't want to eat grandpa's lettuce, do you?
Now there is pleasant lovely corn to eat!
Come on, this way home.
Peppa, George, would you like to feed corn to the chickens?
Yes, please, granny.
Here you are, chickens, eat up.
Wow... You've got a windy house.
That's the chicken coop.
It's where the chickens lay their eggs.
Eggs? I can't see any eggs?
Not now, but there will be eggs soon.
It is bed time for Peppa and George at granny and grandpa's house.
Have that chickens laid their eggs yet granny?
Maybe in the morning, Peppa.
How will we know when it's morning?
Naval will tell us. Now go to sleep.
Nice night!
It is morning.
It's Naval!
Thank you for waking us up, Naval.
Good morning, Emima, Sarah, and Vanessa.
Do you have any eggs for us?
One, two, three, four, four eggs, granny.
Now, we will have eggs for breakfast.
Thank you, Jemima, Sarah, and Vanessa.
Boiled eggs for everyone.
Hmm, delicious. Granny, your chickens make yummy eggs.
Yes! It's all that the lovely corn they eat.
And my lettuces...