Episode 23 Granny and Grandpas Attic

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I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.


Peppa and George are playing  in granny and grandpa's house today.
Hello. Grandpa Pig. Papa ig.
Hello. Peppa. Hello, George.
Byebye. See you later. See you later.
Where's Granny Pig?
Hello, my little ones.
That is Granny Pig's voice. But where is she?
Granny Pig?
Here I am. Granny Pig...
Why is granny in the roof?
We are tidying the attic.
What's the attic?
It's where we keep all our old things.
Like you. Grandpa Pig.
Things are not even older than me.
Can we help?
Granny and grandpa's attic is at the very top of the house.
That's the door to the attic.
How do we get up there?
I'll have a clever trick.
Hello, my little ones.
It's granny! Come on up.
This is our attic.
Wow. It's very full.
Yes. It's full of old junk.
Peppa and George are here to help us throw some things out.
Let's start by throwing this box.
Not that box.
Do we really need this?
That's my ship in the bottle.
And this. That's my other ship in the bottle.
And these. They are my other ship in the bottles. I need them all.
Well. We have to throw something out.
How about this box?
No. Not my hats.
Oh, dear. We can't decide what to throw out.
I know. We let Peppa and George decide.
Okay. Let's throw away. This isn't just an old case. It's a record player.
And this was our favorite record.
Can we play it?
We haven't heard it for years.
This takes me back.
Come on, Peppa and George. Let's dance.
Mummy Pig is here to pick up Peppa and George.
Where are you?
Mummy Pig can't find anyone.
What's that noise?
We've been dancing to granny and grandpa's favorite record.
Yes, granny and grandpa play it all the time.
And here's the record I used to play when I was a little piggy.
What's it? It's called birdie birdie wolf wolf
Not birdie birdie wolf wolf . You were always play that.
I thought we'd thrown that out ages ago.
The birds go woof  and the dogs go tweet.
Woof tweet woof tweet. woof  woof woof
The sheeps go moo and the cows go baa
Moo baa. Moo tweet. Moo baa moo tweet
Woof woof woof...
Again. Again.
The birds go woof and the dogs go tweet woof tweet woof tweet woof woof woof
The sheeps go moo and the cows go baa
Moo baa. moo baa. moo baa. moo tweet.
Woof woof woof...
That was fun. But we were suposed to be finding something to throw out.
Peppa. What should I throw out. And what should we keep?
Hmmm. I think you should keep everything.