Episode 28 Swimming

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I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.


Peppa and her family are at the swimming pool.
Daddy Pig is wearing his swimming costume.
Mummy Pig is wearing her swimming costume.
Peppa is wearing her swimming costume.
Hurry up, George! Everyone's waiting!
George is wearing his swimming costume.
Peppa, George, let daddy put on your armbands.
There, George. Your armbands make you look very grown-up!
Now, me!
Good! Now, we can go in the water.
It is George's first time at the swimming pool.
Why don't you put just one foot into the water?
Maybe you should try the other foot.
Maybe George should try both feet at the same time.
Good idea.
Well done, George!
But you don't need to splash quite so much!
Here is Rebecca Rabbit with her little brother,Richard Rabbit.
Hello, Rebecca.
Hello, everyone.
Richard, hold onto this float and you can practice kicking your legs.
George, would you like to try kicking your legs?
Very good, but try not to splash.
Big children don't splash.
We're very good at swimming.
When George and Richard are older, they'll be able to swim like us, won't they, Rebecca?
Richard has a toy watering can.
Stop it, Richard!
Oh, dear! Richard has dropped his watering can into the pool.
Sorry, Richard, I can't reach.
It's too far down.
I can't swim underwater.
Even I can't swim underwater.
Ummm, please hold my glassess, Mummy Pig.
There you go!
Well done, Daddy Pig.
I am rather good at swimming underwater.
The watering can is for babies.
Can we jump off the diving boards now?
Sorry, Peppa, diving boards are only for grown-ups.
Cheer up, you two! You can watch me dive!
Silly Daddy! You've tummy is too big!
I won trophies for my diving when I was younger!
That was quit a long time ago, Daddy Pig!
It's lucky I've kept myself so fit and strong!
Please hold my glasses, Mummy Pig?
You'll get a better view if you watch me from the side!
Please don't splash us with water, Daddy!
Of course, I won't splash you, Peppa!
I think I need higer.
Please be careful, Daddy Pig.
Yes, don't splash us, Daddy!
Don't worry, Peppa.
Don't splash us with water, daddy!
I told you I wouldn't splash!
Clever Daddy!
Well done, Daddy Pig.
No need for my towel!
I've got a special way of drying my self!
Daddy Pig has splashed everyone with water.
Daddy Pig!
Sorry, everyone.