Episode 32 George Catches a Cold

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I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.


George Catches a cold!
Today it is raining a little bit.
Peppa! George! Put your rain clothes on!
When it rains, Peppa and George must wear their rain clothes.
George does not like wearing his rain hat.
George, you must keep your hat on.
Beacuse you must keep dry.
Because you might catch a cold.
George. Do you want to play in the garden?
Then keep your hat on.
Come on, George! Peppa and George are going to jump in muddy puddles.
George does not want to wear his rain hat.
Peppa! George! Come inside!
The rain's too heavy to play in now.
Oh, George.
George has caught a cold.
Poor little George, you don't sound well!
Don't worry. I'll ring Doctor Brown Bear.
Doctor Brown-Bear speaking. I see.
Put George to bed and I'll be straight round.
Thank you, Doctor Brown-Bear.
Will George be taken to the hospital  and given medicine?
No, George just has to go to bed.
Oh, so George is not really properly ill.
That's disgusting!
Poor George!
Let's get you straight to bed.
George, you have to stay in bed for a bit.
George does not want to stay in bed.
George, you have to stay in bed until you are better.
Because yo have to keep warm.
Er. Because Doctor Brown-Bear says so.
Hello, where's my paitent?
Open wide and say"ahhhhh"!
George is a little be worried.
Hmmm. Peppa, you're big and brave.
Can you show George say "Ahhhhh"?
Of course. Ahhhhh!
Hmm, George has caught a cold.
Does George need medicine?
No. But he can have some nice warm milk at bedtime to help sleep.
Thank you, Dr.Brown-Bear.
You're welcome. Goodbye!
George has been in bed all day.
Now, it is Peppa's bedtime.
George? Are you better?
George is not better.
George! Please don't sneeze loundly.
This is impossible!
George, here's some nice warm milk to help you sleep.
The warm milk makes George feel very, very sleepy.
Goodnight, my little pigggies.
Ah. It's so nice and quiet.
It's morning.
George has slept very well.
George is better.
Come on, everyone. It's a lovly sunny day.
George is wearing his rain hat.
He doesn't want to catch another cold.
Oh, George, you don't need to wear your hat.
Because it's hot and sunny.
Can you stop saying "why" all the time?
George certainly is better!