Episode 34 Miss Rabbit's Helicopter

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Peppa and her family have come to the summer fete.
Look, I display rescue vehicles.
Grandad Dog is showing his pick-up truck
This is the sound my pick-up truck makes.
Mommy Sheep is showing the fire engine.
This is the sound fire engine makes.
And Miss Rabbit is showingher rescue helicopter.
This is the sound my helicopter makes.
Helicopter, reversing helicopter, reversing.
Would you like to go for a ride.
Yes! Please.
Ok! Hop in!
Oh dear! There is no room for me!
Never mind, I’ll watch from the ground.
Daddy Pig doesn’t like heights.
Wheehee! We are going up in the air!
Yes! It can go straight up. It can go straight down. It can even loop the loop!
Poor Daddy! He is missing all the fun!
Yes, poor Daddy!
One ice-cream, please.
Mm… that’s nice.
Maybe we should land now.
Emergency! emergency! Calling rescue helicopter!
I’m on my way! You’re in luck! We’ve got a job to do!
Mr.Bull is digging up the road.
Moo, hello, Miss Rabbit!
I’ve got a big metal pipe lifting!
OK, Mr.Bull!
How can you lift that big pipe?
What are you going to do with the pipe?
Um…I’m not really sure…I know!
I’ll put it down here when someone can easily find it.
Now I can give you a lift home.
Oh what about Daddy?
Daddy Pig, can you make your own way home?
Miss Rabbit is giving us a lift.
Daddy Daddy! We went up and down,and round and round!
Oh oh, I’m really sad to miss that,see you back at home!
Who put that pipe there? I know, I’ll take a shortcut!
Mm…It’s a bit muddy!  Come on, car!
Daddy Pig needs to get home!
Daddy Pig is stuck.
I’ll ring for Granddad Dog’s pick-up truck.
Hello! Breakdown recovery
I’m stuck in a mud, can you come and rescue me, please?
Sorry, Daddy Pig, I’m moving a big metal pipe that someone maniac’s left on the road!
I’ll pass you onto the next rescue service.
Hello, fire service!
I’m stuck in the mud! Can you rescue me, please?
Sorry, Daddy Pig, I’m  rescuing a tortoise that stuck up a tree.
Come down, tortoise, I don’t know why you like climbing trees.You are a tortoise
Don’t worry Daddy Pig, I’ll pass you onto the highest rescue service in the land.
What’s that noise? Oooooh…I’m flying!
Miss Rabbit’s helicopter has rescued Daddy Pig.
Hooray! Lookie Daddy get a helicopter ride after all!
Shall we show him what my helicopter can do?!
It can go straight up! It can go straight down! It can even loop the loop!
Everyone likes going up and down and round and round in Miss Rabbit’s helicopter.