Episode 35 Baby Alexander

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Peppa and George's cousins are coming to visit today.
Mummy, how long before Cousin Chloé is here?
Not long now Peppa, Baby Alexander is coming too, remember?
Oh! Baby is cry ??  All the time. They are so noisy.
I'm sure Baby  Alexander won't be that noisy.
What's that sound?
Is it a car alarm?
Is it a fire-engine?
No, it's Baby Alexander.
Hello Peppa! Hello George!
Hello Cousin Chloé!
Hello everyone!
Hello Uncle Pig!
Hello Auntie Pig!
You remember Baby Alexander, don't you Peppa?
Are you staying for a few days?
No, this is what Alexander needs, for just one day.
We can't go anywhere without all these baby things.
Hello Baby Alexander.
He can't talk, Peppa.
If he can't talk then how do you know what he wants?
We guess.
I'm guessing he is hungry.
Peppa, would you  like to help feed Alexander?
Yes, please.
It is lunch time for Baby Alexander.
Cousin Peppa is going to feed you today, Alexander.
Here you are baby.
Oh, here it is.
Oh, he keeps turning his head.
Feeding Baby Alexander is quite hard.
Watch this. Here comes the aeroplane. Woo!
Alexander likes it if you return the spoon as an aeroplane.
You have a go, Peppa.
Here comes the aero plane. Errrrrrrrrr.
Open your mouth and in free the doors. Shh.
That was an aeroplane. Can you say "aeroplane"?
I told you he can't talk!
He hasn't even said his first word yet.
Peppa, do you remember what your first word was?
It was "Mummy".
I thought Peppa's first word was "Daddy".
No, "Mummy".
What was George's first word?
George's first word was "dinosaur".
Somebody looks like that he had a good lunch.
Yes, bath time I think.
Baby Alexander is having a bath.
his is Mr. Dinosaur. Can you say "dinosaur"?
He can't talk, Peppa.
But he will talk one day.
Then you'll know what he wants.
What do you want to do now Alexander?
I think he wants to go for a walk.
He can't walk yet but he can go out in his buggy.
That's a clever little buggy.
Yes, Five gears, mud guards, at ADS standard.
Blah, blah, blah. That's how Daddies talk.
Alexander likes it when you talk, Peppa.
That's because I am very interesting.
This is the sky. Can you say "sky"?
The sky is where rain comes from. Can you say "rain"?
Rain is good for ducks and plants and making muddy puddles!
Peppa has found a big muddy puddle.
Look Alexander! I'm jumping up and down in a puddle.
I love jumping up and down in puddles.
Alexander has said his first word! Puddles!
Hooray! Puddles!
And I taught him to say it!