Episode 35 Jumble Sale

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I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.

It is a rainy day and the school roof has a hole in it.
We are going to have a jumble sale.
The money we raise will pay for a new school roof.
Everyone has to bring something for the jumble sale.
What should we bring?
You can bring an old toy or something you don't use anymore.
The parents have arrived to pick up the children.
Home time!
Don't forget your old toys for the jumble sale tomorrow.
Peppa is choosing a toy for the jumble sale.
Peppa, have you decided?
You only have to choose one toy.
Yes, and it will help pay for a new school roof.
Ok. I'm going to give... Mr.Dinosaur!
Mr.Dinosaur is George's favourite toy.
Peppa, you can't give away Mr.Dinosaur.
Can't I ?
Oh, bother! Sorry, George.
Why don't you give your old jack-in-a-box?
Now, it's your turn, Daddy!
We must all give something to the jumble sale.
I'm giving this hat and George is giving this ball.
So what shall Daddy give?
I know, the television?
Not the tele.
No! it's too useful.
Ummm, I known.
Daddy's smelly slippers?
No, too smelly.
I known. Daddy's old chair.
But that's an antique.
What does an-tique mean?
Antique means it's very old and valuable.
But you found it on a rubbish tip, Daddy Pig.
It's worthless.
It'll be worth a lot of money when I mend it.
You've been saying that for ages, Daddy Pig.
I know, I'll give these lovely socks that Granny Pig made me.
I've come to collect your things for the jumble sale.
Here they are.
Thank you.
And would you like this old chair?
Oh, most generous! Good-bye.
Mummy, you gave away Daddy's chair.
Shhh! Don't tell him. He'll never notice.
It is the day of the jumble sale.
Hello, Miss Rabbit.
Peppa! How about this chair?
It's a bit rubbish but you can chop it up and use it for firewood.
But it an antique.
Is it?
Daddy says it's worth lots of money.
Well I never.
I'd better put the price up.
Hello, everyone.
Hello, Peppa.
What did you give, suzy?
I gave my nurse's outfit.
I gave my parrot balloon.
I gave my toy monkey.
I will miss my jack-in-a-box.
Can I buy this jack-in-a-box, please?
And I'd like this nurse's outfit.
The parrot balloon, please.
Mummy, mummy, look what we've bought.
All your old toys!
We missed them.
Look what I bought! It's an antique chair!
Oh, Daddy Pig!It's not an antique chair.
It is! Miss Rabbit just said so.
And it matches my old one.
Yes, Daddy, that's because...
...it is your old chair.
But Miss Rabbit has just charged me lots of money for it!
Fantasic news, everybody.
We have just raised all the money we need for a new school roof.
Thank you, Daddy Pig.