Episode 36 The Balloon Ride

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I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is  Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.

It is the day of the school  fate.
Roll up, roll up!
The top prize is a ride in my hot air balloon.
Wow, that sounds fun!
Can I have a ticket, please?
The blue ticket wins...
A toy car! Well done, Danny!
Can I have a ticket,please?
Thank you, Peppa.
What are you hoping to win?
The balloon ride!
wouldn't it be nicer to win the homemade chocolate cake?
Daddy Pig loves homemade chocolate cake.
The red ticket wins..
The Balloon Ride!
All aboard for the balloon ride!
How many passengers, please?
Four, please.
And Teddy!
Oh, and a teddy and a dinosaur that makes six.
All aboard!
Hurry up! Daddy Pig! Hop aboard!
Quick, Daddy!
Splice the main brace!
Chocks away! Full steam ahead!
Very impressive, Miss Rabbit.
You must be an expert pilot.
Not really, this the first time I've ever flown a balloon.
Hold tight!

 Rabbit heats up the air in the balloon to make it rise into the sky.
Would anyone like to do the map reading?
I will.
Are you sure, Daddy Pig?
I'm very good at map reading.
Oh... this map is a bit difficult.
Shall we go higher?
Yes, please! Higher! Higher!
The balloon is rising high into the sky.
Oh, wher did the sky go?
Don't worry, Peppa. We're just flying through a cloud.
Wow, the sky is back again!
Big balloon, big balloon, bigger than the sun and moon.
Flying high, in the sky, fly and fly and fly  and fly...
Look, Teddy, we're flying really high.
Peppa, be careful you don't drop...
Teddy! I've dropped Teddy!
Don't worry, Peppa. We'll rescue Teddy.
Hold tight, everybody! We're going down!
Miss Rabbit is making the balloon go down. so that Teddy can be rescued.

 I can't see Teddy anywhere.
There he is!
Teddy's caught in a tree.
I can use this anchor to rescue teddy.
Slowly, slowly. There!
Daddy Pig has rescued Teddy.
Oh, dear!
No one is looking where they are going.
Look out! Tree straight ahead!
Hold tight!
First Teddy was stuck in a tree and now we are stuck in a tree.
Daddy Pig, do you know where we are?
We're lost, aren't we?
Look! Everyone!
That's Granny and Grandpa's house?
Yes! We must be in Grandpa Pig's garden!
As I thought.
Ahoy there!
Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig!
Goodness me!
Ahoy there, Miss Rabbit!
Ah, help, please!
Grandpa, we can't get down!
Don't worry, I've got a ladder.
Everyone climbs down from the big balloon.
Granny! Grandpa!
Miss Rabbit took us for a ride in her big balloon.
How very exciting.
I'm afraid the most exciting thing we can offer is a piece of my homemade chocolate cake.
Homemade chocolate cake! That is exciting!
That was the best balloon ride ever!
Hmmm. And that was the best chocolate cake ever!