Episode 37 The Secret Club

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Peppa has come to play with Suzy Sheep.
Hello, Suzy.
Hello, Peppa.
Why have you got that mask on your face?
So people don't know it's me. I'm in a secret club.
Wow. Can I be in your secret club?
Sh------It's not easy to get into.
You have to say the secret word.
what word?
Blaba double!    Blaba double!
Right, you're in.
Danny Dog has come to play.
Hello, Peppa. Hello, Suzy.
I'm in a secret club.
I'm in it too. Woo------
Pedro Pony, Candy Cat and Rebecca Rabbit have come to play.
Suzy and Peppa have been in a secret club
Can we join your secret club?
It's very hard to get into.
You have to say the secret word. Shalana cookie.
Shalana cookie.
That's not the word I said.
It changes all the time. To keep it secret.
Are we in the secret club now?
You're in.
What do we do?
We do secret things in secret.And secretly go on secret missions.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Show us how you do the secret mission.
Yes! Show us!
Er------- Peppa can do it.
You've got the mask on, Suzy.
Okay. My secret mission is to get biscuits. Watch this.
Suzy Sheep is trying not to be seen.
Mummy, can I have some biscuits for my friends, please?
Of course. Here you are.
Thank you, Mummy.
Suzy Sheep has returned with the biscuits.
Did anyone see you?
No. Well, only a grown-up.
Look out.
Would you like some juice to go with your biscuits?
What biscuits?
The biscuits that I just gave you for your friends.
Oh. Suzy!
What's the matter?
We're in a secret club, doing secret things.
And Suzy's told every one.
Oh. Can I be in your secret club, please?
Please, I've always wanted to be in a secret club.
It's very hard to get into.
You must say the secret word?
Which is?
Pick niddle noodle.
Pick niddle noodle.
That's it. You're in.
What happens now?
Look out.
It's Daddy Pig.
You talk to my Daddy
But don't say anything about our secret club.
Hello, ah-----there you're, Mummy Sheep. What's new?
Er------er------er------secret club.
Oh, no!
I always wanted to be in a secret club. Can I join, please?
You can't join, Daddy.
Because you're a grown-up.
Er------my Mummy is a grown-up.
Well, you have to know the magic word.
Which is?
Pappa diddo dodo dum.
Pappa diddo dodo dum.
You're in.
What do I do now?
It's Mummy Pig.
Follow Mummy in secret.
Daddy pig?
Ah------hello, Mummy Pig.
What're you doing in that bush?
What're you doing in that bush?
I'd always wanted to be in a secret club.
We can't have everyone in the secret club.
It wouldn't be a secret.
I suppose it doesn't have to be a secret club.
It can be everybody's secret club.And everybody can be in it.
Oh, goodie.