Episode 38 Miss Rabbit's Day Off

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Peppa, George, and Suzy Sheep have had a sleepover at Rabbit's house.
It's fun having carrots for breakfast, Mummy Rabbit.
Yes, we always have carrots for breakfast.
I could eat carrots all day, but I'd better go to work.
Have a nice day!
Bye bye!
Mummy Rabbit, why don't you work?
I do work, Suzy.
Don't you think look afterthese two little bunnies?
You do, mummy. And you can help me by tidying up your toys, please.
Before fomeone trips over them.
That woould be my sister.
Hello, Miss Rabbit!
I can't stop long. I've got lots of work to do today!
I've got the supermarket check-out, the ice-cream store, and the bus to drive. See you later then, sister.
Bye, sister!
Miss Rabbit has tripped over one of Richard's toys.
Oh, my ankle. I can still hop to work.
No, you stay here and get better.
But I've got so much work to do.
I'll do your work for you. Which job is first?
The supermarket.
Ok, Rebecca, look after your auntie.
Yes, mummy.
Mummy Rabbit has arrived at the supermarket.
Thank goodness! You are here, Miss Rabbit.
Miss Rabbit is ill. I'll be doing her job today.
Are you not Miss Rabbit?
No, I'm her sister, Mummy Rabbit. Is this where I sit?
Eh, yes. Have you ever worked at check out before?
How much is this?
Oh, I don't know.
I've got a fare chart.
Do you take book tokens?
Can I pay with a card?
Suzy sheep is dressed up her nurse costume.
Don't worry.
I'm only a pretend nurse.
Stick your tongue out and say Ah~~
Rebecca Rabbit's house.
Who's speaking, please?
It's Mummy Rabbit. Is everything ok?
Good. Because this job could take me all day.
What's about Miss Rabbit's other jobs?
We need more help.
Miss rabbit's ice-Cream store.
Daddy, why are you buying an ice-Cream?
What I thought an ice-Cream would be nice.
Miss Rabbit is ill. You've got to sell the ice-Cream today.
Oh, I am an expert of ice-Cream.
Can I have a cherry ice-Cream?
Eh, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, banana,
With ~~~and strawberry please.
Strawberry. Oh, it's melted. How about ice-Cream soup, instead?
Granddad Dog's breakdown service!
Miss Rabbit is ill, can you drive a bus today?
Of course, Peppa.
All aboard.
Mummy sheep's car has broken down.
Granddad dog's breakdown service!
Can you rescue me, please?
I'll be straight there!
We would like to apologize for any inconvenience has been caused to your journey.
Driving a bus is quite hard.
Selling ice-Cream is quite hard.
Running a supermarket check-Out is quite hard.
Eh, I'm feeling better. Can I get up now?
No, you must lie very still, but please keep breathing.
Are you feeling any better, Miss Rabbit?
It's not easy doing all your jobs.
It's not easy looking after your little bunnies.
You will be back to work tomorrow, won't you?
Yes, and you'll be back at home, won't you?