Episode 40 Shake, Rattle and Bang

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Peppa and her friends are at playgroup.
Today children,we are going to learn about instruments that you shake,rattle and bang.
First, choose an
instrument each from the music room.
I've got drums!
They are called bongo drums, Danny.
You bang them with your hands like this.
I've got a flat bongo drum.
That is a bodhran.
It is Irish.
You beat it with a little stick like this.
I've got a tambourine!
Very good, Pedro!
You can also shake it like this.
I've got a big drum.
Ah! The bass drum.
I don't know  what this is called. But it's scrappy.
That, Candy, is called a guiro. And it comes all the way from the South America!
How did it get here?
I brought it back from my holiday.
What are these?
They are maracas.
I brought them  back from my holiday in Spain!
This is a triangle.
My dad sells these in boxes of ten.
Thank you, Freddy. I will remember that.
You don't need  to go on holiday to get them.
Thank you!
What are these?
These are castanets.
My dad sells them in boxes of five.
Thank you, Freddy.
That is how you play the castanets.
Here you are, Emily.
Do I have to do the dance?
Ha-ha, no! Just make the clickety-clack noise.
Ah! I see Rebecca has cymbals.
Now you know what your instruments sound like.
We can play them all together.
Ready Steady Go!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
That is not music.
That is just noise.
Anybody can bang, bang, bang.
But to make music, you have to listen  to each other and keep in time.
Madame Gazelle, I can't listen and do music.
Can you clap?
If you can clap, you can make music.
All the girls, please copy me.
Now, boys.
Madame Gazelle has made the clapping into music.
And, stop. Now, we will learn how  to play our instruments together.
The parents have come to pick up the children.
Ah! You are just in time!
May I present the Shake, Rattle and Bang Orchestra.Hooray!
Children! Ready, steady, go!
Perhaps some of my old pupils would like to join in too.
Find your instruments, children.
Yes, Madame Gazelle!
Madame Gazelle used to teach all the mummies and daddies
when they were little.
It's quite hard, daddy. But you do it like this.
Let me see if I've got that right.
Daddy, you can play the drum!
I'm a bit of an expert in drumming.
That's good shake, rattle and banging. Now perform(?)!
My daddy can shake, rattle and bang!