Episode 41 Champion Daddy Pig

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Peppa and her family are watching sport on television.
It's a long jump.
It's a new world record!
Mummy, what's a world record?
It means you are  best in the world at something.
Then you are a champion,  and your name goes in a book.
There are champions  for running, jumping, swimming…
I wish you were in the book, daddy.
I am in the book.
Yes, Daddy Pig is champion puddle jumper.
No one's beaten me yet.
I don't think they ever will.
The next event is the puddle jump.
That was a very big splash.  In fact, I think yes!
it's a new world record!
Daddy, you are not the champion any more.
Everyone will be sad.
HOho, I'm sure they've got more important things to worry about, Peppa.
Daddy pig, you lost the world record. Everyone wants you to be champion again.
It's important.
Ok. I'll do it tomorrow.
But I'll have to train myself to jump in muddy puddles again.
Everyone knows how to jump in muddy puddles, daddy.
Aha, but not everyone is a champion, Peppa.
Daddy pig is the master.
Daddy, are you going to practice jumping up and down?
No, Peppa. I must be at one with the puddle.
To jump in a puddle, I must think like a puddle.
Do you need to do running?
Do you need to do press-ups?
No. I need to sleep and dream about puddles.
It is the day of the big puddle jump.
Daddy Pig is wearing his puddle jumping costume.
I can't find my golden boots.
I gave those old boots to grandpa for his gardening.
My lucky golden boots to be used as gardening boots!
You've got other ones.
It's not the same.
Grandpa, remember those old boots I gave you?
Daddy needs them back urgently.
You have been looking after them?
Um…they have been watered.
Grandpa Pig is growing tomatoes in daddy's lucky boots.
We need them for the puddle jump today.
Right, I'll meet you there.
Everyone has come to watch Daddy Pig's puddle jump.
Please welcome your friend and mine Mr. Potato.
Good luck, Daddy Pig. Oh, but where are your lucky boots?
Uh, here they are.
Thank you, Grandpa Pig.
I can smell tomatoes.
And now for Daddy Pig's puddle jump.
Daddy pig is thinking.
Ready, steady, go!
I must become one with the puddle.
I must be the puddle. Wow…
The puddle has gone!
The puddle has gone over all of us.
Daddy pig has become one with the puddle.
Everyone has become one with the puddle.
It's a new world record!
Champion Daddy pig!
And who is this?
I'm Peppa Pig. One day, I will be the champion puddle jumper. I've been training her.
Uh…to be trained by the master.
What have you learned?
Uh…if you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots.