Episode 42 Chatterbox

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It's a lovely sunny day, and Suzie sheep has come to play with Peppa.
Hello, Suzie! Hello, Peppa!
Peppa and Suzie are best friends.
Guess what happened to me yesterday?
Yesterday I went to the duck pond and I saw Mrs. duck.
Well, yesterday…
Then I went to the supermarket with mommy.
we bought bread, carrots and ... What's wrong?
You talk too much, blah, blah, blah, just like that. blah, blah, blah.
Mommy, Susie said I talked too much.
Well, you are a bit of chatterbox, Peppa
Chatter box, that's right. chatterbox here, chatter box there, chatter, chatter, chatter, you never stop talking.
I can easily stop talking if I want to.
No, you can't . Yes, I can.
You can't!
That's it. I am never going to talk again!
Hello, Suzie. Hello Peppa!
Hello, Zoe, you look nice today
Thank you, Suzie, this is my new dress.
Why are you not talking, Peppa?
Yes, why are you not talking Peppa?
This is a silly game.
What's game are you playing?
Susan said I was a chatter box and I could be never quiet.
You are not being very quiet now, are you?
Right, I am not going to talk ever again, starting now!
Hello, everyone!
Hello, Danny! Hello, Danny!
What's the matter with Peppa?
She is not talking.
Oh, who wants the grape?
Me, please. Me, please.
You can't nod your head, that's cheating,  and you can't blink.
Hello, everyone!
Hello, Pedro!
What's the matter with Peppa?
She is never going to talk ever again.Why?
Because she talks too much.
I do not talk too much, anyway, you are always walking like this.
Oh look at me.
I am Suzie sheep.See, what I mean?
And you say this micky macky boo baa boo.
That's nothing like me.
It's a bit like you,Suzie.
You are just as noisy as me.
I can be quiet. It's not easy. It's not that tough, Peppa.
Ok, you do it then Let's all do it.
We can show my mommy. Mommy,we are all going to be quiet.
Very queit.
So quiet you can drop something over floor and hear it.
Quiet as a mouse.
You are not being quiet at all.
You are all being very noisy.
We can be quiet whenever we want.
Start being quiet on the count of one, two…
I am not ready . ok, now.
On your mark
Ready Get set Three!
Hello,I am home. Oh I thought the house was empty.
Peppa and her friends are playing being quiet.
It's not playing. It's very hard work.
Oh Peppa!
Peppa cannot stop herself from talking.
Oh daddy, I think I might be a chatterbox.
That's not such a bad thing, Peppa.
It's good to talk. In fact, I think you are an expert at talking.
That's right. I am an expert at talking.
I am an expert at talking,too.
No one not. I am a chatter box!
I am more of a chatter box than you.
Ho, ho, you two are just the same.
Yes,we are.
That's why we are best friends.
Chatter, chatter, chatter …
Chatter, chatter, chatter…
Peppa loves talking, Suzie loves talking, everybody loves talking.