Episode 43 Rebecca Rabbit

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I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.

Peppa Pig.


It's the end of another lovely day.
Peppa and George are playing with their friends-Rebecca Rabbit and Richard Rabbit.
Home time! My little bunnies!
But we want to play some more ,mummy.
Maybe tomorrow.
Can George and Peppa come to our house tomorrow?
Yes! Hooray!
Why is Richard crying?
He has a bit scary of going down stairs.
Why? We don't have stairs in our home.
What? No stairs?
That's right. You'll see tomorrow. Byebye. Byebye-
It's morning. Peppa and George are going to Rebecca Rabbit house today.
Mummy Pig can drive. And I'll do the map reading.
Are you sure. Daddy Pig? We always get lost the ways when you do the map reading.
We won't get lost. Okey. Is everybody ready?
Yes, Mummy Pig.
Then let's go.
Peppa and George are very excited. They have never been Rebecca's house before.
Daddy, are we nearly there?
The map says. Rebecca's house is on the next hill.
I don't understand.
There should be where Rebecca Rabbit lives.
We must be lost. There just a garden of carrots.
Where can Rebecca's house be?
Hello, everyone.
Do you want to play in my bedroom?
Your bedroom? But where is your house?
Peppa can not see Rebecca's house anywhere.
This hill is our house. It's cool the below. I'll show you.
See you later. See you later.
Come in.
We don't have stairs. We have tunnels.
Rebecca's house is a bit different to Peppa's.
This is our bedroom.
You have a bed and a window and a toy basket just like us.
Of course.
I like your house.
I wish I was a rabbit.
I know.
Should I teach you both how to be a rabbit?
Yes. Please.
First, you have to twitch your nose and squeak. Like this.
Squeak, squeak.
Very good. Peppa rabbit and George rabbit.
Peppa likes being a rabbit.
George likes being a rabbit.
Rabbits like carrots. Delicious.
George does not like carrots.
He won't even try them.
Oh... well, more for us, then.
Rebecca, what else do rabbits like?
Rabbits like hopping.
Come outside. I'll show you.
Let's hop!
Rabbits like hopping.
You are very good, Rabbits.
Lunchtime. Children.
Mummy adn Daddy Rabbits have prepared lunch.
Rebecca has taught us how to be rabbits.
You'll enjoy lunch then. It's our favourite carrots.
Delicious! Delicious. Yuck!
George will not eat carrots.
Oh. Dear George. I thought you were a rabbit. A ribbit loves carrots. Hmmmmm...
Wow! George is eating carrot.
This is our favourate cake-carrot cake.
carrot cake.
George is a proper rabbit now.