Episode 45 The Toy Cupboard

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I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.


It's Peppa and George's bedtime.
Goodness me. Why are all these toys in your bed?
That's where they live.
Quickly. Put the toys away in your toy basket.
But the toy basket is full.
Oh, so it is. Maybe you need a toy cupboard.
Yes, I could made one tomorrow.
The last tihing you made. Daddy Pig was this shelf.
I am very pround of that shelf.
But daddy it's all wobbly. we use it as a slide.
The teddy and Mr.Dinosaur.
All right. Let's buy a new toy cupboard.
We can buy one now on the computer.
Mummy Pig is using computer to buy a toy cupboard.
Aha. Now which one should we get?
Can we have this one, please?
That looks perfect. Mummy Pig is buying a toy cupboard.
Congratulations. Your toy cupboard is ordered.
Oh. Goody.
It's morning. And the Mr.Zebra the postman has a special delivery.
Special delivery for MS. Peppa Pig and master George.
What is it?
It's a toy cupboard.
Oh. It looks a bit flat.
Yes. You built it yourself.
Don't worry. Peppa. It'll be very easy for your mummy and daddy to build.
Goodbye. Byebye...
Now, what do we do?
Now we build your toy cupboard.
That's strange. There aren't any instructions.
Maybe it is so easy to build it doesn't need instructions.
Mummy. Can we help?
Yes, first, I need a shelf.
Here is a green shelf.
Thank you. Peppa. Now I need four legs.
One, two, three, four.
Four blue legs. Mummy.
Lovely. We'll have this done on no time.
Here is red door. Mummy Pig.
There, finished.
Well done. Mummy Pig.
It's very tiny.
How would all our toy fix insid.
It's a little small.
Oh. George has found another bit.
And these would be a bits too.
Oh, dear. The cupboard is tiny. Beacuse Mummy Pig have not used all the pieces.
We just have take it apart and start again.
Oh, no.
If only we had the instructions.
Who can that be?
Hello, I just found these in my van.
It's the missing instructions.
That would make things a lot easier.
The instructions look very complicated.
It's not good. It's nonsense.
Leave it to me. Daddy Pig.
I am quite enjoy putting these things together.
Really? Can we help it anyway?
You can put the kettle on. I'll have a nice cup of tea with six sugars.Please.
Everyone is prepairing tea and biscuits for Mr.Zebra.
Tea time. Mr.Zebra. Wow...
Mr.Zebra has built the toy cupboard.
My goodness. That was great.
Yeah, and I've put all your toys in there too.
Thank you. Mr.Zebra.
But there is no room for these last two.
Oh. Poor teddy going to live?
Why not simply order anther easy to make cupboard?
No! I've got a better idea.
Teddy and Mr. Dinosaur can live on your beds.
But mummy, that is where they lived before.
Yes, I known. That's why such a good idea.'