Episode 47 Captian Daddy Pig

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I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.


Peppa and her family are borrowing grandpa's boat for a day.
Remember. Daddy Pig. Push the lever forward to go forward.
And that to go back.
And back. simple.
And please look after my boat. I just had it painted.
Oh. Grandpa Pig. What an old fusspot you are.
Am I crew. Ready?
Yes, Captain Daddy Pig.
Then, let's go.
The boat is moving back wards.
Ah. Watch out for the bridge.
Oh. That was close.
Byebye... Byebye... Byebye...have a lovely time.
I hope my boat comes back in one piece.
Stop worrying. It will be fine.
Peppa, ring the bell.
Aye-aye, captain daddy.
I am a bit hungry.
So am I .
Grandpa left us a picnic in the galley.
A galley is the boat's little kitchen.
Follow me. Peppa and George go inside the boat.
Wow, what a tiny little kitchen.
Where's the picnic?
That obvious place would be here.
That's not the picnic.
And that must be here.
And that's not the picnic.
This kitchen has everything in the wrong place.
Wow! A TV. Daddy can not find the picnic.
It's impossible.
If this was my kitchen, the picnic would be here.
Well done. Peppa.
Peppa has found the picnic.
Oh. It's the ducks.
Hello, Mrs.Duck.
Would you like some bread?
Peppa and George love feeding bread to ducks.
Look out. Long reeds ahead.
Don't worry.Grandpa's boat will easily go through them.
Are we stuck?
No, we can reverse.
Now, are we stuck?
Yes. Oh, dear. Grandpa's boat is stuck in the reeds.
I'll just give it a little push.
Do be careful. Daddy Pig.
I know what I'm doing. When I say go, start the engine.
Aye-aye. Captain Daddy Pig.
Go! Daddy Pig has pushed the boat out of the reeds.
Hooray! Qouick. Daddy. Jump back on the boat.
Oh, no. Daddy Pig is being left behind.
Swim faster, daddy!
Stop the engine. What's he saying? Stop the engine.
Daddy says, stop the engine.
Oh! Are you ok? Daddy Pig?
Yes, I'm fine. But let's head for home before we have any more adventure.
Aye-aye.Captain Daddy Pig.
They've  been gone for ages. I hop my boat all right.
Look, there they are.
Hello. Hi. There!
I just park the boat.
You park a car. But you moor a boat.I'll show you.
Grandpa Pig is going to moor the boat.
The secret of mooring is to do it carefully.
My the bridge. What? Look behind you.
Ah. Oh. I didn't mean to do that.
Grandpa has broken his boat.
Grandpa has broken his boat.
Never mind. Grandpa Pig. You can have lots of fun mending it.
It is true that I love mending things.
Can I help mend the boat, grandpa?
Of course you can, Peppa.