Episode 48 The Powercut

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It is evening.
Peppa and George are in the sitting room dancing their favourite song.
Daddy Pig is in the hallway vacuuming the carpet.
And Mummy Pig is in her study. Doing her important work on her computer. Oh!
Mummy, daddy, it's gone all dark and the music is broken.
And my vacuum won't work. And my computer has switched off.
Mummy Pig tries the light switch. BUt the lights do not come on .
It must be a powercut.
What's a powercut?
A powercut is when there is no electricity.
What's the electricity?
Electricity is what makes everything in our house work.
Will electricity come back again?
Yes, but in the meantime. We need to find a torch.
I think there's a torch is in the cellar...
Ok. I'll go and get it.
Will you be okay.Daddy?
Hoho. I'll be fine. I can see very well in the dark.
Oh. Put that there.
Daddy! Are you okay?
Yeah, it just a bit dark down here.
Oh. I just remembered. I think the torch is in the kicthen.
Aha. Mummy Pig has found the touch.
Can I hold the torch, mummy?
George! Look at me! Peppa is making a funny face.
Don't worry. George. It's only Peppa.
Oh. We'd better told daddy we found the torch.
Daddy is still in the cellar. Looking for the torch.
I am sure it is here somewhere.
Daddy. We've found the torch.
Luckily. It was in the kitchen all the time.
What a stroke of luck!
Now we just have to wait until the electricity comes back.
How long will that be. exactly?
I would say. Exactly a long time.
Oh, but George and I want to do some dancing.
I know what we can do.
We can watch the television.
Oh. It won't go on.
The TV needs electricity too.
Does it?
Oh. Now what are we going to do?
In the olden days when there wasn't television children would have to made up their own game.
I known. I need a cardboard box.
What is Peppa doing?
Mummy. Would you cut a hole in this box for me?
What for?
You'll see.
Mumy Pig is cutting a hole in the cardboard box.
There you are. Peppa.
Thank you.
Then you all have to sit down there and George you have to point this torch on me.
Welcome to Peppa Pig nes with me. Peppa Pig.
Today the whole world stop working when there was a powercut.
And all the electricity was lost.
Very good. Peppa.
Daddy Pig says the electricity won't be back. For a long time.
Oh. The electricity is back.
Shush! I haven't finished yet.
Switch the light off.
Okay. Peppa.
Good. I have some very important news. The queen has just found soem more electricity and says that everyone can now be happy

Every good. Peppa ! Hooray!
Let's dance!
Peppa quit enjoyed the powercut. But she's happy the electricity is back again.