Episode 49 Bouncy Ball

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I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.


Peppa and George are going to play. In the garden with their spotty ball.
Wee...George throws. The ball as high as he can and catches it.
 I can do that too.
Oh, Peppa has missed the ball.
This is a silly game.
Here is Peppa's tennis racqets.
Hello, Peppa.
Hello, Suzy.Let's play tennis.
Yes, that sounds fun. To you Suzy.
Oh, Suzy has missed the ball.
Oh. Peppa and Suzy like playing tennis. But George feels a bit left out.
Oh. Sorry. George. You can't play tennis. We only have two racqets.
I know. George can be the ball boy.
Yes. It is going to be the ball boy. He has to collect the ball when it is too far.
To you. Suzy. Oh. Missed it.
Ball boy, thank you. Ball boy. Ball boy. Thank you. Ball boy. Ball boy.
Oh. Dear. George doesn't like this game.
Here are Danny dog. Pedro Pony. Candy car.Rebecca Rabbit and Richard Ribbit.
Hello. Everyone.. Hello.
We are playing tennis.
Can we play too?
But there aren't enough racquets. Let's play something else.
Let's play football.
Yes, football.
Girls against boys.
We each need a goal keeper.
Pedro Pony and Rebecca Rabbit will be the goalkeepers.
We'll start.
Rebecca Rabbit has scored a goal.
The boy is winning.
That's not fair.
We won't ready.
Hi. That's cheating. You can't hold the ball.
Yes. I can. I am the goalkeeper.
Goal(球门). Rebecca. Goal. Hooray!
The goal is not allowed.
Yes. It is. No, it isn't. Yes, it is. No, it isn't .
 What a loud noisy.
Daddy. The boys are cheating.
No. The girls are cheating.
It's sounds like you need a referee.
What's a referee?
It's someone who make sure that everyone plays fair.
I'll be the referee. Me...Me... Me...
Stop! Stop! I'll be the referee. The next team to get a goal will win the game.
Where's the ball?
Quick! Score a goal!
Stop them.
Good! Richard Rabbit has scored a goal.
Hooray! The boys are win.
Oh, football is a silly game.
Just a monment. The boys scored in their own goal. That menns the girls win.
Really? Hooray. Football is a great game.