Episode 51 Daddy Pig's Birthday

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Narrator: Today is Daddy Pigs birthday, Daddy Pig has to go to work. 
Peppa: [Pig Snort] Daddy, I wish you didn't have to work on your birthday.
Daddy Pig: Hoho, so do I but I'll be home as soon as I can, see you later.
All: See you later. 
Mummy Pig: While Daddy Pig is at work, we can get all his birthday surprises ready. ' 
Mummy Pig: First we'll make daddy's birthday cake. 
Mummy Pig: We start with butter and sugar and flour, then we add an egg. And most important of all, the chocolate bits. 
Peppa and George:  Ooooooh 
Narrator: Mummy Pig is making chocolate cake, Daddy Pig loves chocolate cake. 
Mummy Pig: Then I give it a stir. 
Peppa: Mummy, can I stir? 
Mummy Pig: Yes Peppa. 
Narrator: Peppa loves stirring. 
George wants a go. 
Mummy Pig: OK George thats enough stirring 
Mummy Pig: There, Daddy Pig's chocolate cake. 
Peppa: Hooray. 
Mummy Pig: Now we just have to bake it in the oven. 
Peppa: Mummy, can I lick the spoon? 
Mummy Pig: Yes, you can lick the spoon and George can lick the bowl. 
Peppa: Yippee. 
Narrator: Peppa and George love chocolate cake mixture. 

Mummy Pig: Poor Daddy Pig, he's missing all the fun. 
Peppa: Mummy, can I ring daddy at work and say "Happy birthday"? 
Mummy Pig: Thats a nice idea. 

Narrator: This is the office where Daddy Pig works. 
Mr Rabbit: Hello, Mr Rabbit speaking. 
Peppa: May I speak to Daddy Pig please? 
Mr Rabbit: Someone for you Daddy Pig, it sounds important. 
Daddy Pig: Hello Daddy Pig speaking. 
Peppa: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! Happy birthday.
Daddy pig: Ho ho thank you Peppa. 
Peppa:Don't be late home Daddy.  Bye bye.
Daddy Pig: Bye bye.
Mr Rabbit and Mummy Cat: Happy birthday Daddy Pig.
Daddy pig: Thank you.
Mummy Pig: There's just one more thing to do before Daddy gets home.
Peppa: Yes,daddy's birthday surprise. Shhhh!  George, remember it's a secret.
George: Shhhhh!
Narrator:  Peppa and George have buckets of water.  Mummy Pig has balloons.  I wonder what Daddy Pig´s surprise can be.
Peppa: Daddy's home.
Mummy: Quick, back to the house.
Narrator: Daddy Pig is home from work.
Mummy, Peppa and George: Happy birthday Daddy Pig!
Daddy Pig: Ho ho thank you everyone.Wow, what a lot of candles.
Peppa: That's because you are very very old daddy.  You must blow out all your candles in one go.
Daddy Pig: I´ll do my best. 
Mummy Pig, Peppa and George: Hurray!
Mummy: And here's your birthday present.
Daddy: Thank you, new boots. Fantastic. Let's try them out.
Narrator:  Peppa, George and Mummy Pig are wearing their boots. Daddy Pig is wearing his birthday boots.  Dady Pig has found a little puddle.
Daddy Pig: Let's see if these boots work.
Narrator: The puddle is a bit too little for Daddy Pig.
Daddy Pig:  What I need is a big puddle.
Mummy Pig: Why not try over here Daddy Pig?
Daddy Pig:  Ohh what's this?
Peppa: It's your special birthday surprise.  Shhh!
George: Shhh!
Narrator: What are they up to?
Peppa: A big muddy puddle.
Daddy Pig:  Fantastic! Ho ho ho my birthday boots work perfectly.  Would you care to join me in my birthday muddy puddle?
Narrator:  Daddy Pig loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles.  Everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles.
Daddy Pig:  This is my best birthday ever.  Ho ho ho.