Episode 53 Cold Winter Day

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I'm Peppa Pig.
This is my little brother George.
This is Mummy Pig.
And this is Daddy Pig.
Peppa Pig.

It's very cold today.
Peppa and George are wearing their hats. Scarves. Mittens and boots.
Look, George. The trees haven't got leaves.
In the winter time, the trees lost their leaves.
Peppa and George had found a muddy puddle.
Peppa and George lvoe jumping up and down in muddy puddles.
Me first.
It's so cold the puddle has turned into ice. It is very slippy.
It's not funny .
Here are Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig.
Good, a muddy puddle.
Daddy Pig loves jumping in muddy puddles.
Stop, daddy.
That was close. Lucky I've got such a good sense of balance.
Daddy, the puddles are  icy today. We can't jump in them.
Never mind.
Let's feed some bread to the ducks.
Hooray! Peppa and George love feeding the ducks.
Hello, ducks. We got some bread for you.
The ducks like bread.
It's so cold. The pond has frozen to ice.
The ice is very slippery.
Sorry for laughing. Mr. Ducks. But it did quite funny.
It is starting to snow.
Snow! Peppa and George love snow.
George, let's catch snowflakes.
Oh...George has cught a snowflake. Peppa has caught a snowflake.
Here is Suzy Sheep on her toboggan.
Hello, Peppa. Wow... Suzy, that looks fun.
We are all tobogganing on the big hill. There is lots of snow there.
Shall we climb up the big hill and watch the tobogganing?
Pepppa's friends are tobogganing on the big hill.
Oh, dear. George has slipped on the hill.
You look funny .George.
George does not think it is funny.
It's quit easy to slip on the hill. Maybe I should carry George.
Daddy, can you carry me too?
All right. Peppa.
Just be careful. You don't slip over. Daddy Pig.
Don't worry. Mummy Pig. Remember I've got a excellent sense about balance.
Let's have a race.
Right! Ready, steady, go!
Here we are. The top of the big hill.
Do be careful. You don't be spited, Daddy Pig.
I am not going to slip. Whooo...
Daddy is like a big toboggan. Yahoo.
We are going to win the race. Hooray!
Peppa and George are the winners.
Well done. Peppa.
My daddy makes a very big toboggan.
It's not funny.
It is a big funny. Daddy Pig.
Mmm. I suppose it is quite funny.